vendredi 13 février 2015

Wikiarabia 2015

Wikiarabia est une conference sur les projets Wikimedia dans l'espace MENA
entre autre nord Afrique et moyen orient entre autre le monde arabe  cette conférence se tiendra en Tunisie dans la ville côtière de Monatir du 4 ,5 et  6 avril a l'hôtel régence
Une première dans le monde arabe un user groupe nouvellement acredite par la fondation wikimedia.
WikiDZ  le groupe d'utilisateurs wikimediens  participera a la conférence et animera trois présentations  

Souhaitons leurs bonne résolution

lundi 6 octobre 2014

Le mois international de la contribution

Wiki DZ particippe avec WikiFranca au mois international de la contribution

Wikipédia:Mois de la contribution

Mois de la contribution
Du 1er au 30 octobre — Mois international de la contribution francophone 2014

Raccourci [+]

Le mois international de la contribution est une série d’ateliers organisée en octobre à travers la francophonie et qui a pour but d'améliorer les projets Wikimédia en français. Durant le mois d'octobre, des contributeurs se rencontrent dans divers lieux et invitent la population locale à s’initier à l'édition de Wikipédia. Les ateliers peuvent prendre plusieurs formes, avoir lieu dans divers endroits et aborder des thématiques au choix de l'organisateur ; que ce soit un atelier de formation aux citoyens, une marche photographique pour illustrer des articles régionaux, transcrire des textes de Wikisource, etc.
Consultez la liste des ateliers confirmés ou si votre ville n'y figure pas, voir les ateliers en discussion.


Le mois de la contribution a plusieurs objectifs :
  • améliorer les projets Wikimédia en français ;
  • permettre aux contributeurs locaux de se rencontrer ;
  • initier les participants néophytes à l'édition de Wikipédia et ses projets frères ;
  • tisser des liens avec des institutions telles que les bibliothèques, les universités, etc. ;
  • avoir l'occasion de photographier les lieux et éventuellement créer du matériel multimédia dans Wikimedia Commons ;
  • augmenter la visibilité médiatique des projets Wikimédia grâce à une mobilisation internationale.
Outre les objectifs énumérés ci-dessus, le but est de s'amuser tout en posant une action concrète

Algeria participate at Wiki Loves Africa

Wiki Loves Africa Logo.jpg
Wiki Loves Africa (WLA) is an annual contest where people across Africa can contribute media about their environment on Wikimedia Commons for use on Wikipedia and other project websites of the Wikimedia Foundation. Wiki Loves Africa particularly encourages participants to contribute media (photographs, video and audio) that illustrate a specific theme for that year. Each year the theme changes and could include any such universal, visually rich and culturally specific topics (for example, markets, rites of passage, festivals, public art, cuisine, natural history, urbanity, daily life, notable persons, etc).
The theme for the 2014 photo contest will be Wiki Loves Africa Cuisine. This year's contest will seek to document in the form of various media, the diverse types of cuisines across the continent of Africa. The theme will encompass the "foods", "dishes", "crops", "husbandry", "culinary art", "cooking methods", "utensils", "food markets",traditional symbols and arts "festivals", "culinary events", "famine food" and any other issues related to cuisine on the African continent.
The project is a two-month competition which will start on the 1st October and end on the 30th November 2014.
The project will be run at the entire continental level. However, some specific actions (training, communication etc.) will be held in some countries with national organisers. The project will feature a contest to select the best media at the continental level, with a ceremony and prizes as deemed appropriate.
Please access our website here : Wiki Loves Africa Website

Participating Countries

The call for pictures and the contest will run in all African countries.
However, in 2014, specific focus will be put on the following countries (referred to focus countries): South Africa, Tunisia, Egypt, Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire, Uganda, Ethiopia and Malawi (check out teams here).
Please note that volunteers are encouraged to host Wiki Loves Africa in their own countries.

lundi 29 septembre 2014

Algeria Wikimedians User Group

Algeria Wikimedians User Group
The Maghreb region has a very low activity in the Internet in general and wikimedia projects in particular, around the world, we want to introduce Algeria and the Maghreb as a specific entity that requires more attention and help promote culture through the Wikimedia projects by the community wikimedia
The Wikimedia Algeria User Group is a local User Group of the Wikimedia Foundation. Its mission is to promote the Wikimedia Foundation and its projects in Algeria. One of its core missions is to aid and encourage people to collect, develop and disseminate knowledge and other educational, cultural and historic content in the public domain or other licenses that allows everyone to freely using the knowledge, distribute and modify said content without paid.


A web site and a Facebook group have been created in order to promote Wikimedia projects and spread information among the Wikimedia community and projects in Algeria.


  • Mostaganen Algeria

You can join!

You would like to help out or take part ? add your name below :)

Project discussions

To talk on the project, it's in French and it goes here

History timeline

  • August, 5th 2014 Awareness of the necessity to establish a User Group instead of a chapter
  • September, 26th 2014 The group is created and the discussions begin


Promote and make known in Algeria the many different projects of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Roles that Algerian Wikimedians User Group would play

  • Promotion: Promotion of Wikimedia projects and Free content in general. To encourage the use of Wikimedia resources in education (at cultural centres, associations and Universities)
  • Recruitment: To recruit contributors at Wikimedia projects. This may involve some presentations and workshop on the use of Mediawiki interface.
  • Social: Organization meetings, excursion to discover collaborative work and volunteering for everyone to enjoy the open knowledge
  • Research: With a local User Group, research should be easier. The User Group can work together to gather informations on a range of topics not currently covered to enlarge and enrich the algerian content.

Wikimedia projects

  • Algerian WikiProjects in Wikipedia's different laguages, such as : (AR, FR & EN)
  • Images (Commons.wikimedia)
  • Wikivoyage / Wikivoyage / ويكي الرحلات (Develop the Algerian content)
  • Wikisource / Wikisource / ويكي مصدر (Wikisource) (add Algerian sources)
  • Incubator to develop new local wikis (Wikipedia, Wikitionary, ...etc.)
  • Grants:IdeaLab


  • Wiki Loves Monuments in Algeria 2013, 2014 and 2015.
  • Wiki Tour in Algeria: a trip across the country to promote Wikipedia and its sister projects.
  • WikiMaghreb a two day conference where participants from Maghreb region expose their experiences and perspectives on Wikimedia projects.
  • Wiki Loves Earth 2014 in Algeria.
  • Wiki Loves Mosques in Algeria (project of taking pictures of minarets and mosques in Algeria)
  • Workshops and meetups
  • Wiki Loves Monuments 1st to 30th september 2014

Current events